Stellar Lumens XLM is now available for Buys at the ATMs in the United States

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert Tweeted: “We see that the name of XLM has reached the US congressional hearing and that the CoinFlip ATMs in the United States permit buying XLM.  From all this, can we infer that we are fast approaching the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies?”

CoinFlip is now offering its customers the opportunity to purchase Stellar Lumens (XLM) at the ATMs. Of note, CoinFlip is the second-largest operator of Bitcoin ATMs. However, CoinFlip is active only in the United States, and there are at present 455 such ATMs operating in the US.

Buying at CoinFlip does not require know your customer verification for amount up to $900.  Thus, facilitating anonymous purchase with Cash.

Thomas Earl Emmer Jr., the American Attorney, and Congressman, during the Congressional hearing, stated “Q: What about Stellar which is facilitating cross border transfers. Are you familiar with that one? A: No……”

Stellar Lumens XLM – Denelle Dixon

“Lowering the entry barriers to get started remains *key* to mass adoption of digital assets.”

Denelle Dixon recently stated that the demand for blockchain solutions is growing. Recently, Dixon shared the growth strategy for Stellar Network for 2020.

Recently, there is not much news about major partnerships from the Stellar Lumens team. However, there is a dedicated team working to propel the development tasks on the network, which is a nice thing. Of note, Stellar Lumens has several well-established partnerships that will provide a positive impact for the token in the coming years.

The IBM Universal Payment Solution, Stellar X, Sure Remit, Tempo, and Satoshi Pay are notable partnerships.

The focus of SDF is to provide worldwide access to low-cost financial services. This they are trying to achieve by the development and maintenance of technology and partnerships. XLM users validators to confirm transactions on the network.

The financial planning for the network is strong. The plan for the next 10 years is already presented.  Thus, there are funds allocated for the development of the Stellar Ecosystem, which is the most important.

Stellar Lumens XLM – Price Trends

When it comes to dictating the price of the XLM, the market considers everything. Whether it is about the increase in the numbers of stellar accounts, an increase in Tier 1 Validators, or a conference about XLM, everything does matter. The price rally of Stellar Lumens will begin to gain momentum. Different websites have provided different predictions for the XLM price.

XLM price is currently having a short-term resistance near $0.0660. When there is a clear break past this resistance area, the token is expected to rally.




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