LEVELG.NET: The Future of Unbanked and Under-banked Young Adults.

LEVELG is a full-fledged entity with a mission to facilitate and accelerate the financial climate of the unbanked and under-banked communities. Our project consists of more than one services offered, but as stated earlier, we will be expanding upon the next phase of our project which is the GWallet. A wallet about cryptocurrency is a virtual means of storing digital currency. It is similar to a physical wallet in some cases but has some differences which is majorly the fact that it is virtual and as such is not a physical entity.”

The cryptocurrency wallet system in its case is not new to the general populace actually, but LEVELG in its case aims to improve and implement some unique qualities and features. Some of these include a major issue baffling the crypto community which is KYC. In reality, dealings with cryptocurrency do not necessarily require the Know Your Customer protocol as most institutions do. This, however, has brought about a lot of fraudulent and untraceable thefts of digital currency. Due to this matter, certain individuals have reduced their involvement in cryptocurrency greatly.

The negative view and perceptive that have been generated towards digital currency is one of the reasons why the LEVELG project was embarked upon. We hope to reinforce the global underbanked community through trading while utilizing our platform. The Level G wallet is one that will have crypto trading embedded into its base framework to encourage trading of digital currency with supported tokens. This means that thirdparty services and any intermediaries will be circumvented when any transactions are carried out. This is a peer to peer system of making transactions that will occur between the sender and the receiver of the token.

We would like to state that early adopters of our services will benefit greatly from what we have to offer to them because at this stage it is at its least value and as time goes on there will be a steady rise in its value. With the approval of our services both far and wide, the LEVELG platform will expand its horizons and implement further use cases and provide more Blockchain related solutions outside the financial circle to help enhance and expand utility and demand. For now, the main focus is to provide a means for trading and to battle the financial crisis facing people today.

The LEVELG platform is planning to take full advantage of blockchain technology and all its features while trying to eliminate the negative aspects of it. In our case, we want to help optimize the current economic system. The development of a global financial marketplace is also part of what we aim to achieve from this project and coupled with this is the aim to give institutions the ability to provide a means of low-cost financial solutions to battle the financial crisis and to serve everyone regardless of their geography, ethnicity, religion, and wealth class.

We are promoting a financial evolution to the world with the aid of decentralization. The introduction of decentralization into the financing sector has proved to be a positive step, and we choose not to be left behind when the new economy sets in.

Visit us at https://levelg.net or email to admin@levelg.net. Let’s talk about how to be with us in this very early stage.

This article is based on the interview with LEVELG.NET core team members.

Disclaimer: This is a non-ICO token. In clear terms, this means that we do not need soliciting for funds via crowd funding.

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