In real world, crypto needs fiat system to complement each other. People are capable to purchase tokens from their hard-earned money in the fiat system. Most of them!

With the passion to motivate the people in holding LEVELG, we are towards to complete our TWO mega crypto based and fintech projects: – GWALLET and GKYC.

GWallet is a holistic one stop centre for people while entering crypto currency space via Peer to Peer and decentralized section function. Our hybrid type of wallet will develop many traders and educate people of why they need crypto as their future savings.

To fully utilized LEVELG function as utility token, GWallet needs them to hold LEVELG tokens at real time price of USD5.00 before they can use the Peer to Peer function. The solidarity of being LEVELG believers and the happiness of being LEVELG’ers will be translated into continuous supply and demand of LEVELG. Your USD5.00 LEVELG tokens will be safe and you can sell after using Peer to Peer function in GWallet and rebuy when you want to use the function. Real supply and demand is created with limited supply of 21,000,000 LEVELG.

Just imagine when we manage to achieve 200,000 GWallet users in a very short future. We work ahead to ‘guarantee’ the value of LEVELG.

What else is to be better than that? Click – https://levelg.net to understand us better.

#A short interview with one of the LEVELG.NET Core Team Members

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