Google Unexpectedly Suspended Crypto Related Gaming App

The Bitcoin Blast app, which was removed from Google Play last week, is back on the platform only a week after its unexplained suspension. The game was similar to Candy Crush and allowed people to earn BTC as they played.

Google on High Alert Over Crypto-related Scams 
While it reinstated the Bitcoin Blast app, Google has reiterated its concern and vigilance for any potential scam on its affiliated sites. According to Google, the app used “deceptive practices.”

The Bitcoin Blast app allowed users to earn BTC in a game that resembled Candy Crush. In other words, the game equally served as a Bitcoin faucet. The app is now available on Google Play, even though some users still report issues. The page contains a warning that playing the game can only yield quite small amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) earnings.

Unexplained Removal of Bitcoin Blast App
Following the unexplained removal of the Bitcoin-related game, the Bling team became angry and demanded a revision. It’s the reaction from the team that perhaps pushed Google to review its decision and reinstate the app. Since late 2019, Google has been wary of crypto-related applications, as evidenced by its action against the Metamask wallet, which it blocked and reinstated within a week.

Regardless of Google’s stern actions, many digital assets, startups, applications, and wallets still use Google Play. However, Google has stepped up its vigilance on rogue apps and fake wallets that may attempt to steal users’ private keys.

In a similar incident, the Bitcoin Blast app was launched on the Apple App Store on January 24, 2020 and removed less than a week after its launch. An Apple official revealed that the app had violated specific policies that led to its dismissal from the platform. The official, however, stated that they would welcome back the app if it adheres to the code.

“In contrast to our Google Play experience, Apple provided us with advanced notice and gave us a human touch-point that sat on the phone for as long as I wanted to answer detailed questions about why our app needed to be removed. The representative pointed to specific policies and provided their interpretation of why they believed we were in violation,” the Bling Financial reported.

On Google Play, the app is now visible with nearly 25000 users. The Bling CEO Amy Wan said they remain connected to their audience.




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